Actions Not Words: Who We Are

It takes actions not just words to change lives

Actions Not Words is a charity (NGO) that focuses on providing under privileged children with quality education. Currently the NGO focuses on an area within Nakuru, Kenya and sponsor over 100 children into boarding school from one of Kenya’s most poverty stricken slums. Though the founder (Ross Floyd) of the organisation has been working in Kenya since 2010, it was not until December 2012 that ‘Actions Not Words’ was registered as an official charity in Kenya, thanks to support of our manager Agnes Mburu.

On 25th June 2013, ‘Actions Not Words’ became a registered charity in the UK and can now benefit from tax relief. Though progress was slow in the beginning the charity has flourished thanks to a number of wonderful volunteers and sponsors. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our directors, supporters, sponsors and past/future volunteers.

Key Projects
Children Sponsored
Children in feeding project

Our Projects

Boarding School

Actions Not Words currently have over 100 children from Gioto Garbage Slum enrolled at Boarding School. There, they receive not only an excellent education, but sleep under a safe roof and eat four meals a day- something they can only dream of at the slum.  In this environment, the children are not only in the best position to fulfill their true academic potential, but are also able to fully enjoy their childhood.
Prison Football

Prison Project

Naivasha Maximum Security Prison is the second largest prison in East Africa, with over 3000 inmates most who have been sentenced to life in prison or death.

ANW aims to encourage and educate these men through sport. Currently there are two football teams who play each and everyday inside the prison.

Feeding Program Main

Feeding Programme

We feed 400 children a cup of nutritious porridge every day. For many of these children, the cup of porridge is the only meal they will have that day. Without it children have no energy to learn, can faint in class and they can even miss school as they are sent by their families to the dumpsite to search for food.
East Pokot Line

Relief Aid

In times of shortage, famine and drought we work with other partner organisations to bring support in the form of relief aid (food, water, blankets etc) to those who need it most.

Our Team

Contact us

At Actions Not Words we believe that everyone can make a difference. Our main goal is to end the cycle of poverty in Gioto Garbage slum through education. If you would like to get involved, support us, or just want more information please get in touch.